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Jack O'Connor 

John Joseph O'Connor (Rowdy Jack, Peach Pie)
Bats: R; Throws: R
Height: 5' 10''; Weight: 170
Born 6/2/1869 in St. Louis, MO, USA
Debut:  4/20/1887
Final Game:  10/9/1910

Regular Season Stats
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Fielding Stats
188718CN2AA C 500.0013136080000
188718CN2AA OF700.001621100000
188819CN2AA C 200.001494090000
188819CN2AA OF3400.0054816000000
188920CL6AA 1B300.002701300000
188920CL6AA 2B400.00761100000
188920CL6AA C 8400.00420127266580000
188920CL6AA OF1900.003827100000
189021CL6AA 2B200.00671300000
189021CL6AA 3B100.00010000000
189021CL6AA C 10600.005391462713580000
189021CL6AA OF900.001814100000
189021CL6AA SS800.00993100000
189122CL6AA C 2100.0078292290000
189122CL6AA OF4000.005789300000
189223CL4NL C 3400.001584074100000
189223CL4NL OF10600.001522112400000
189324CL4NL C 5600.0018262132210000
189324CL4NL OF4400.007086000000
189425CL4NL 1B700.005531400000
189425CL4NL C 4500.0016135121220000
189425CL4NL OF3300.008888300000
189526CL4NL 1B4100.003922522200000
189526CL4NL 3B100.00200000000
189526CL4NL C 4700.0012841142200000
189627CL4NL 1B1700.00120811000000
189627CL4NL C 3700.00109315360000
189627CL4NL OF1200.001311000000
189728CL4NL 1B3600.00349871000000
189728CL4NL C 1300.0035123050000
189728CL4NL OF5200.009336000000
189829CL4NL 1B6900.0058636113300000
189829CL4NL C 4800.00156538260000
189829CL4NL OF1500.001931100000
189930SLPNL 1B2600.002421331700000
189930SLPNL C 5700.001856315370000
190031SLNNL C 1000.0033112010000
190031PITNL 1B200.002010300000
190031PITNL C 4000.001084492140000
190132PITNL C 5900.002565975110000
190233PITNL 1B600.005611300000
190233PITNL C 4200.00187495270000
190233PITNL OF100.00000000000
190334NYHAL 1B100.00500000000
190334NYHAL C 6300.00282564660000
190435SLAAL C 1400.0055114010000
190637SLAAL C 5100.00248643270000
190738SLAAL C 2500.0087291410000
191041SLAAL C 100.00100000000
Totals 1B20800.001852952710500000
Totals 2B600.0013132400000
Totals 3B200.00210000000
Totals C 86000.003435984177592870000
Totals OF37200.0061865711400000
Totals SS800.00993100000

A = All-Star
M = League MVP
R = Rookie of the Year
C = League Cy Young Winner

- Post Season Stats -
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Batting Stats
1892CSCL4NL 622130000002300000.
Totals TOT622130000002300000.

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